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Today I taught Maddox how to use google slides and to make a little animation.

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Short Story

Short Story 

Once upon a time there was a 13 year old boy named Jimarcus who always wore really big
shorts and had short black curly hair. He was getting bullied at his school and every time he
would come home he would bucket down with tears. His parents felt  really sorry for him so they
decided they would move from Mars to New Zealand. So one day he decided he wanted an
Acon Mini Trampoline. So as you would imagine he got one. The thing was he was really bad
at flips and couldn’t even commit to easiest and safest flips ever such as front flips and 360s.
He lived in Greymouth where the closest trampoline park was 3 hours drive away in
Christchurch. One day Jimarcus met a kid called Korban. Korban liked to wear a blue
weetbix tryathlon shirt with navy blue shorts.  Korban could do lots of extreme flips so he
tried to teach Jimarcus a few beginner flips. Jimarcus thought he was going to be great at flips
but he still wouldn’t even commit to the easiest and safest tricks. Korban decided that if he was
going to learn more tricks they had to go to the Christchurch trampoline park. The thing was
they had no way to get there because Korban and Jimarcus were only 13 so Korban got a blue
airbed and pumped it up. They got some food and drinks and 30 dollars for the trampoline park.
They put the air bed into a nearby river and went PEWWWWW down the river. 

 2 days later they ran out of food to eat. They still had water but they had only passed Otira
1 hour ago. 30 starving minutes later they arrived at Arthurs Pass where they jumped off the
air bed in search of some food. First they tried to get a free mince and cheese pie from a shop
which failed because they looked like 13 year old trouble makers asking for free stuff. They got
back onto the airbed and floated down to a bumpy bridge a few minutes drive from Arthurs Pass.
They struggled to bring the airbed to the top of the bridge but they managed. They walked along
to the end of the bridge right at the corner where they saw a sign for a hike. They ended up at a
dirty car park next to a shining river where they headed down to sit and sob. They were sitting at
the surface of the river weeping when they saw a cool car pull up to the car park beside them.

 Out jumped a fat tiger, three people all around the same size and a green parrot. The tiger was
a big fat tiger that was so heavy that it walked with its tummy around 1cm from the ground.
The large tiger's name is Chonk. The boys were called Tony, Nathan and Craig. Tony wore red
shorts with a blue shirt and had long black hair that went down to his forehead and ears like a
bowl cut. Nathan liked to wear white shirts with short red sleaves and had short curly blonde
hair. He also likes wearing black shorts with a white logo on the front left side of his shorts.
Craig had very very long brown hair that went down past his toes. He wore a plain brown shirt
and plain brown shorts and plain brown undies. Honk was a small green parrot with a
yellow - orange beak. Honk also had a private plane and a private pilot whose name was
Nathaniel. Nathaniel wore glasses but Nathaniel doesn’t come along in the story.

Korban said “hi we are lost and we really need your help to get to Christchurch”. They were
getting splashed by the fat tiger Chonk. The boys' names were Tony, Nathan and Craig and
the Parrot was called Honk. They let Korban and Jimarcus into the car as they all drove off
to Christchurch together. It was a safe and normal ride until Jimarcus who was sitting in the
back with the tiger Chonk tried to pat Chonk who bit Jimarcus’s fingernail off. But luckily
Jirmarcus can grow fingernails back really quickly. They made it to the trampoline park
and Jimarcus’s fingernail was slowly growing back. They made it into the Trampoline
park where they started flipping and where Jimarcus is learning a bunch of new flips.

 Suddenly Honk the parrot was kicked out of Trampoline park for running and double bouncing.
In an instant Craig starts doing insane quad flips like they were the easiest thing ever.
Korban goes over to the super tramps and starts throwing around a bunch of triples and
then even starts quading like Craig. By the end of the session Korban had done a septuple
backflip and the people who worked there were so impressed that they gave everybody a
little gift each for entertaining them. After that everybody lived happily ever after as great
friends and slept over at each other's house every weekend.

By Korban

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